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What's the problem with simple? A lot of people will tell you that the problem with making something simple is that simple can't handle complex situations or complex problems. It's actually not the case and it's not really the point. The problem that we have with simple is that quite often we equate simple with unimportant.
And then those simple things that we have set up to help make our business run, get treated as though they're unimportant. And the next thing we know, our business is a complex mess again. Welcome to the program. Today we're gonna talk about simple problems. Enjoy the episode.
"The problem with keeping things simple is that simple things seem like small things, and small things are easy to move aside." — Jos Willard
This week on Profit for Coaches:
- The impact of boredom on successful business owners
- How to keep yourself engaged when everything is simple
- The pitfalls of automating your business without a plan
- New resources specifically for those of you working towards consistent $10K months!
Our Favorite Quotes:
“Everything you need to build a solid coaching practice, you can get that just by going back and listening to the episodes of this podcast." — Jos Willard
"We need our businesses to be simple if we want any kind of a life outside of our business." — Jos Willard
"Once we have the business simplified, you've created the freedom for yourself to go, oh, what do I want to focus on?" — Jos Willard
"It's actually one of the biggest challenges that successful people have. They build up something big, and then they get bored." — Jos Willard
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