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Today's episode is one of those episodes devoted to bringing you connection to someone who is devoted to helping you make your coaching business better.
Our guests today are Marc Longwith and Gabriel Omat, and they are two heart-centered entrepreneurs who founded the Energetic Alignment Academy or EAA to help other coaches, healers and service-based businesses monetize their passions for helping others without compromising their morals and values. 
Through EAA, Marc and G help their clients shift their beliefs, get crystal clear on who they serve and what problems they solve, embrace their own unique genius, and create tangible strategies to get them in front of dozens of their ideal clients each and every month.
So if you are someone who is not where you want to be in your coaching business, maybe you've just started your coaching business, maybe you've been going for a while, but you just haven't been able to get over that 50, $60,000 a year level of your business, you're gonna wanna be paying attention to today's episode. Because Marc and G are bringing a ton of value and we dig into their business, we dig into what they do, it's a killer episode.
So buckle up and enjoy. 
"You have to listen to yourself. That's the only thing I would say. Do it your way."  — Marc Longwith
This week on Profit for Coaches:
- The importance of energetic alignment in all aspects of business
- The pitfalls of following guru templates
- The concept of permission-based sales
- and more!
Our Favorite Quotes:
"We're gonna help them really feel comfortable in their own skin and try to adopt this different way, this new identity."— Gabriel Omat
"Don't listen to anybody. There's so many gurus out there trying to sell you their templates that made them seven figures and they're not for you." — Marc Longwith
"This is a three-day, in-depth, hands-on, fully supported workshop. People are not just going to come and get talked to or talked at." — Jos Willard
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