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This is my friend Candy Motzek, who I think is going to be an amazing help for those of you who are just getting started in your coaching business. Candy is an author, a podcast host, and quite frankly, a business coach for life coaches.
Candy helps smart people start successful coaching businesses. She helps her clients get unstuck and feel more confidence and clarity so they can play bigger, sign clients, and create more meaningful success. She's a "recovering" corporate executive and engineer who combines practical strategy and mindset in her calming unique approach.
And today we talked about all kinds of stuff in her business and got a lot of great advice from her on what you as a coach can do to help get your business moving forward. It's a great conversation, I really enjoyed it, and I hope you will too.
"That is for me, the heart of coaching. A conversation where somebody gets some clarity... and then they're ready to go and do something with it."  — Candy Motzek
This week on Profit for Coaches:
- Candy Motzek's transition from corporate executive to life coach.
- Navigating the challenge of pricing and valuing coaching services.
- The difference between being a "nice person" and a professional coach.
- The significance of training and skill development in coaching.
Our Favorite Quotes:
"Coaching transforms lives, and being a coach is a calling." — Candy Motzek
"I've seen people call themselves coaches when they just happen to be nice people who like people."— Candy Motzek
"For me, there's a respect for the coaching tool set." — Candy Motzek
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