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Welcome to the 162nd episode of the Profit For Coaches podcast. The rumors are true. This is the final episode, at least for the foreseeable future, and in this form. But I'm happy to have you here. Today I'm going to talk a little bit about what comes next. For me, what might come next for you, and tell you one more time just how much I appreciate and believe in you.
"Take a deep breath, and congratulate yourself for even wanting to do this work."
— Jos Willard
This week on Profit for Coaches:

- The vision and purpose behind the Profit For Coaches podcast.
- The significance of connecting with other coaches and sharing experiences.
- A heartfelt thank you and farewell to the listeners.
- The upcoming community initiative and its benefits.
Our Favorite Quotes:
"I have absolutely appreciated having the opportunity to be here, sit in this chair, speak in this microphone for the last three years and share my perspective." — Jos Willard
"If you are a do it yourself person... everything you need to do that, you can find in these episodes." — Jos Willard
"Take that next step. And know that I will always be cheering you on and wishing the absolute best for you. — Jos Willard
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