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I think that you, as a coach, have an incredible gift to offer this world, to offer your clients. I believe that you can make a significant difference in the world by starting with your world and the people that you are meant to serve and called to serve.
The most important thing for you to take away from this episode is that I believe in you, and I am grateful to have had you here. Whether it's been one episode, or all 160, thank you.
"You are an amazing human being. And I am grateful that you are here on this planet." — Jos Willard
This week on Profit for Coaches:
A heartfelt thank you to you, our listeners and supporters.
A reflection on the journey of Profit For Coaches over 160 episodes.
The recent evolution of the coaching industry.
The future of the Profit for Coaches brand and the Profit Flow method.
Our Favorite Quotes:
"I believe in you. I support you. I am here for you."— Jos Willard
"the coaching industry is something that is going to be forever changing."— Jos Willard
"I still think that there's a ton of folks out there in the online world that don't understand what coaching is."— Jos Willard
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